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This part of the site may grow over time but for the present the figure reviews will be limited to manufactures that club members have bought and the periods are also limited to those that we play at the club.

I have found that 6mm figure manufacturers all seem to have their own idea as to what 6mm actually is and because of this the figures aren’t very “mix and match” friendly. So when you’re choosing a manufacturer make sure that they have the ranges that you want and the figures that you will need to complete your period. Below is a table that may help and a few web links to other sites that give pictorial comparisons.

Links that may help you choose your figures

Jim Doty 6mm Figure Comparison

Bob Mackenzie figure comparison

Figure manufacturer reviews and links to their sites

Link to Adler Miniatures

I have put Adler at the top of the list, not because I use them but because they are particularly good. When I bought some late 18th century French I have to admit to being rather expectant about them but when they arrived I was sadly disappointed. I had brought them to compliment my Irish 1798 range that is entirely made up of Baccus figures but unfortunately the Adler ones didn’t fit in.

The detail that Adler deliver is exemplary and there is also a certain amount of animation and different poses to choose from that you don’t get with other 6mm manufacturers. However, there were three major drawbacks that thwarted my plan to integrate them into my 1798 army.

1. Adler figures are not true 6mm figures and are more of a 7mm to 8mm figure. This may seem insignificant but when you place an Adler figure against a Baccus figure there is a huge difference. Adler horses make Baccus horses look like ponies and the two don’t really mix. The infantry you can just about get away with but they would not mix well with figures from Irregular miniatures.

2. The detail, although being excellent, is for me off putting. I could see myself getting back into the 15mm syndrome again spending hours painting the detail that was begging to be painted.

3. The other thing with Adler figures is that there is a lot of “flash” on them when you first get them and this means quite a bit of cleaning up is needed before you can paint them.

However, even after saying all of this I would definitely recommend Adler if you wanted “large” 6mm figures with a lot of detail, they are truly excellent. I will eventually get round to painting the figures that I have brought and you never know it might just inspire me to buy some more.

Link to Baccus

These have to be my favourite all round figure. They fall in between Adler and Heroics and Ross (H&R), smaller than Adler but bigger than H&R and with a lot more detail. Baccus have quite a limited range but it’s growing all of the time. When you receive the figures they’re lovely and clean and “flash” free so they can go straight onto the painting stick. The detail is there if you want to paint it but the figures are small enough that it wouldn’t really matter if you didn’t. They’re easy to paint being manufactured in groups of 4 per base. Baccus figures even have their eye’s nose and mouth visible if you look close enough.

Link to NAVWAR (Heroics & Ross - H&R)

H&R are a kind of upgraded Irregular miniatures figure that look very good when placed en masses on the table. They’re all individual figures and as such have better animation than Baccus and Irregular but not as much detail as Baccus. H&R are now owned by “Navwar”.

Link to Irregular Minitures

Irregular Miniatures have a superb range to choose from and cover almost every period you can think of. For me they’re too small and rather blobby with very little detail and I’m not a great fan of them. However, my compadre Dave can’t understand why anyone doing 6mm would want to buy anything else, he loves them and I have to admit that when they’re sitting there on the table en-masse, they do look the part. Irregular come six figures to a base and are even easier to paint than Baccus and it’s really up to you to put on the detail where you want it.
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