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By June 1864, Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy, was under siege and the Union grip on the South was getting tighter and tighter. Robert E. Lee was fighting a series of desperate delaying actions in the hope that developments elsewhere might knock the Union juggernaught off it’s tracks.

Lee was particularly concerned about ‘Black Dave’ Hunter's advances in the Shenandoah Valley, which threatened critical railroad lines and provisions for the Virginia-based Confederate forces, he particularly disapproved of Hunter’s scorched earth policies in the Valley.

Lee sent Jubal Early at the head of a re-enforced Corps to sweep Union forces from the Valley and, if possible, to menace Washington, D.C., hoping to compel Grant to dilute his forces against Lee around Petersburg, Virginia.

Early was also authorised to hit other targets of opportunity, in particular the prison camp at Point Lookout, Maryland, cutting the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, seizing supplies and destroying bridges etc.

Gentlemen your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to command Early’s forces and cause as much trouble and consternation for the Union forces as possible. You have a relatively small force, your strengths are not in your numbers but in your speed, experience and guile. The bigger the problems you cause the Union, the more forces they’ll need to divert from Virginia to track you down.

Whilst a small force, you are not expendable, the loss of nearly 15,000 fighting men and their equipment would be a disaster for the Confederacy, do not let the chance of glory be your ultimate defeat!

Other club members ('Black' Dave, Graham & Rupert etc)will command Union forces during tabletop games.

As the campaign kicks into gear - Updates and Rumours will be found HERE

Finally - pictures of games, figures and scenario notes will be found here...
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