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The S.A.S. Gang

In the beginning there were 7........... the Magnificent Seven............They were the 'Founding Fathers'

Lost in the mists of time, a rebel movement grew within Chaotic Beast that was the 'Crawley Wargames Club', this movement of young heroes grew and in time developed into a nucleus of the S.A.S.

The S.A.S. are many things, but most of all they are a group of friends who meet regularly to indulge their wargaming passions.

The Founding Fathers

2004 Belgian Campaign Tour Medal 2006 French Campaign Tour Medal 2009 Scottish Campaign Tour Medal John Sears
Offices:The Master of the Ales.
Titles: Knight of the Grande Cru, Knight of the Squirrel Men., Order of the Tourneo

'Big' John is a veteran wargamer who's grounding was in WRG 25mm Ancients back in the early 70's. At this time he is rumoured to have been living in London and involved with the Warlords. Luckily he has seen the light and despite a lengthy period playing with 25mm ECW he has now migrated to virtually anything in 15mm. John's last campaign was a 20mm company level WWII using the 'Crossfire' rules set in East Sussex, 1941. The Germans had landed and the Brits were fighting tooth and nail to push them back into the sea...

John is currently working on a Crusades Campaign based around the campaigns that resulted in the loss of Jerusalem to Saladin.
2004 Belgian Campaign Tour Medal, with 2004 & 2011 Bars 2006 French Campaign Tour Medal 2009 Scottish Campaign Tour Medal Mike Newman
Offices: The Keeper of the Keys.
Titles: Knight of the Grande Cru, Order of the Squirrel Men, Order of the Tourneo

Waylon Smithers
Mike is another lifelong wargamer, originally from Crawley he now lives in Horsham and is the providor of the Club's main venue - Newman Towers. As such he has the honourary title of 'Keeper of the Keys'.

His current forte is a magnificent Wild West skirmish set-up in 25mm, but ever the all round general he has particpated in all the recent club campaigns. Mike is currently raising a large 15mm Prussian Napoleonic Army, this has yet to see light of day but is being prepared for the next stages of the club's Napoleoninc campaigns. Rather bizzarely Mike has a collection of several hundred dead 15mm Wars of the Roses figures....
2004 Belgian Campaign Tour Medal 2006 French Campaign Tour Medal Phil 'the hill' Hardy
Titles: Order of the Squirrel Men, Order of the Tourneo

Phil's interests are wide and varied, but are probably best described as geological, his extensive collection of scratch built hills is near legendary, with wargamers terrorised into defeat just by glimpsing the undulating terrain set before them.

His collections include 1/300 Moderns and WWI aircraft, 15mm SCW, Boer War plus Republican Rome and its enemies.

Phil's last campaign was set in the Spanish Civil War
2004 Belgian Campaign Tour Medal, with 2004 and 2011 Bars 2006 French Campaign Tour Medal Rupert Worrel
Offices: The Master of the Squirrel Men.
Titles: Lord Rupert of Handcross

Mr Burns - to you!
Rupert provides the secondary location for the Club's actvities. His family owns estates covering vast acres of Sussex and thus he has space to stage the larger scale games we all like to play.

Rupert is a Renaissance man when it comes to wargames, the Italian Wars Campaign he ran was a classic in terms of simple mechanics yet huge amounts of intregue. Rupert is also into Fantasy, Napolionics and Ancients in a big way - ie hundreds on 25mm figures!
Warren Mehrtens
Titles: Knight of the Grande Cru.

Krusty the Clown
Warren is the club's walking encyclopedia on the American Civil War, he has been collecting 15mm ACW figures for at least 25 years and is finally nearing the end of his project to recreate the Amries of the Potomac and Northern Virginia in minature.

In between painting the above armies, Warren is also a general in most club campaigns. He has now moved out of Sussex and into Surrey, something we find hard to accept but we can't have everything!
2006 French Campaign Tour Medal 2009 Scottish Campaign Tour Medal 2011 Belgian Campaign Tour Medal Steve Cast
Titles: Order of the Dripping Tap, Order of the Tourneo

Moe, the intollerant
Steve is the final surviving member of the 'Founding Fathers'. During the Scism that resulted in the estabilshment of the Unforgiven he was lost but then was found.

Steve participates in most club activities and his tastes are wide and varied as long as it is Medieval or 18th Century Smuggling, he has a huge collection of 25mm skirmish figures for both periods.

Steve's other ongoing project is collecting armies to re-create the Irish rebellions of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. These will form a colourful and unique set of toys for forthcoming games.
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