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The Veteran Brothers

Mike Whiteford
Titles: Knight of the Grande Cru, Knight of the Squirrel Men, Navigator of the Tourneo (1st Class)

Mike is a veteran wargamer from the early 70s, and has wide ranging interests but is proud that his wargaming roots in Airfix 20mm American Civil War has carried through to today, albeit with modern 15mm kit these days!

Mike could have been one of the Founding Fathers but as he was AWOL, working abroad at the time of the 'Founding', he missed his oppertunity. His last campaign was a recreation of Jackson's Shennandoah Campaign, he's currently running a Jacobite 1745 Campaign. Other areas of interest are 15mm SCW and AK47 collections. Mike also collects WW1 28mm, WWII British 20mm as well as Warhammer Fantasy, 40K, Warmaster & Epic minatures.
Dave Vallance
Titles: Knight of the Grande Cru, Knight of the Squirrel Men, Driver of the Tourneo (1st Class)

The Comic Shop Guy
Dave is an excellent painter of figures and has recently been involved in collecting SCW, Napoleonics and Mexico 1860 figures in 15mm.

Recently Dave has dabbled in Marlbourian 15mms & 6mm in an attempt to raise the profile of the period with the club. Rather bizzarely the scale at which Dave is working is rapidly decreasing, having started with 25mm toys he progressed to 15mm kit and is now down to 6mm, we are awaiting the announcement of his new 'Lumpy Counter' 0.5mm scale project with bated breath...
Andy Flatman
Titles: The Devistator, Order of the Squirrel Men, Driver of the Tourneo (with Oak Leaves)

Andy has a large collection of 20mm Vietnam & WWII British / Greek figures, he is an all round player and participates in many club campaigns.

Andy's favoured approach is to lay waste to buildings and all surrounding lands. This is a fairly blunt but effective tactic and has been used to great effect.

Andy is currently working on putting together 20mm WWII, 15mm Sudan and Indian Mutiny armies in preparation for a new season of campaigning.

Graham Horwood
Titles: The Collector of Men, Navigator of the Tourneo (1st Class)

Diamond Geezer, aka 'Diamond' Joe Quimby
Graham has the largest collection of nearly everything in the club, what's worse everything is painted to an execellent standard and what's even worse is that he paints and bases everthing himself.

Adding to his considerable talents is his comprehensive knowledge of a number of diverse periods - Seven Years War, WWII, Napoleonics et al he is a real asset to the club. On top of that he's as barmy as the rest of us!

The Brothers

Alan Martin
Titles: The Worldmaker

Alan is a master terrain maker and figure painter. His terrain has won prizes at various shows and his figures are expertly finished. Sadly Alan aquired his masterly with the paintbrush and modelling tools by selling his luck to the 'Dark Side', as a result he is totally incapable of throwing a decent dice score - ever during a wargame.

His main interest lies in 15mm Biblicals but he has extenive Zulu and Napoleonic collections as well. Alan is another club member that resides in the northern wastes of Surrey, we hope with time he'll learn it's better to move south into Sussex.
Matt Toy Sideshow Bob, mad as a box of frogs

Matt has been involved with the club for a number of years now, previously on maneuvres in South East Asia where he was involved in large scale building projects in Vietnam. He reckons he's building Dams and stuff like that, we all know he means 54mm reenactment of the siege of Stalingrad....

Anyway he's back now to carry on where he left off - the SCW Anarchist commander came so naturally to him... lately Matt has taken to runing a 15mm DBA Burmese campaign which is going rather well, before taking an extended paternity leave.
Paul Browning
Willie, the Groundsman
Titles: The Distant One

Paul is another of the group that tried to escape but his addiction is such that he constantly has to come back. Paul now heads the Somerset Squadron of the SAS. Paul's interests are in 25mm ACW & Western Gunfights and in 15mm he's well into ancients.

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