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Where to begin? As per any wargamer our tastes are fickle, our cupboards are crammed full of figures for periods we all fancied a try at but never got off the ground. With a club consisting of 10 or more members then this list of failed projects is exponentially larger than anyone care to admit!

For the sake of our sanity, and space, we will list and explore only those periods that we have been able to put on a game or campaign with real painted figures and real purchased or made-up rules!

Our interests are not listed in any particular order of merit or longevity, simply in the order in which we can brain dump them to the computer!
Spanish Civil War

A pivotal yet under-gamed period set against the background of Republican and Nationalist aspirations in Spain between 1936 and 1939, with all the firepower of WWII but the tactics of WWI, mixed with a dash of anarchism, communism, facism and a potent mix of international intervention.

Within the club there is wide interest in this period with Phil Hardy providing a good rule set (click here for more) as well and having a wide range of figures, additionally figures are provided by John Sears and Mike Whiteford for gaming purposes.
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Second World War

A relatively new period for the club to get involved in, we've previously been put off by the complexities of armour thickness versus AT penetration charts that abound many rule-sets. With a combination of Rapid Fire! and Crossfire we've found a balance that allows us to wargame actions quickly, simply and still have fun. We are also looking to dabble in Flames of War, with Mike Whiteford and Phil Hardy threatening to invest in 15mm North African toys!

In the club a number of people have 20mm figures to play with. John Sears has a collextion of early Germans which regularly go up against his early British, additionally Andy Flatman has a collection of Greek and Allied forces for Crete, along with accompanying German Airborne, he is also collecting D-Day Allied troops. Mike Whiteford has a collection of Late War British and Mike Newman has a good collection of Early-Mid War Russians.
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