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American Civil War

A hugely popular period in all of our earlier days and it is regularly played within the club with Warren Mehrtens & Mike Whiteford both having significant collections. We prefer to use the Fire & Fury rule-set but also regularly experiment with others. To date we haven't found anything better than F&F.

The last ACW campaign that was fought was Mike Whiteford's Shenanndoah Campaign some 8 years ago, so the games at present are generally one-off scenarios put forward for gaming purposes, we have used the F&F rules as a varient for staging one-off Maximillian in Mexico, Pancho Villa, and other non ACW games, these have worked pretty well.
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Jacobite Rebellion

A bit of a niche period here, instigated by Mike Whiteford and Dave Vallance who both have 15mm collections. In addition to this John Sears was roped in to add extra governemnt troops and we ran a successful Jacobite '45 campaign that finished in early 2004.

Campaign Notes and other materials will be made available on line (Click Here), Additionally a portrait of Bonny Prince Charlie (aka Steve Cast) is available here.
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