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Ancients: Crusades

Many years ago, prior to the inception of the SAS Wargames Club a number of members were noted as WRG Ancients gurus - John, Steve and Rupert to name but a few. However, we have left the period pretty much alone over the last few years, only to find it re-emerging as a popular period to game.

Gone are the WRG rules, in are Phil's Ancient Rule (hopefully to be publihed here in due course) and the figure scale has dropped from 25mm to 15mm. John Sears is the prime move in this period, with him just about to kick-off a crusade campaign.

Hopefully there will be photos, campaign notes and other stuff available here in the near future - stay tuned!

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For a total change in flavour from Ancients, Vietnam is one of the most modern periods we game (we also do some AK47 Modern Africa). Mike Whiteford and Andy Flatman both have collections of toys, however, due to our total mis-management we have them in different scales - 15mm & 20mm. Not to worry we are still able to organise a couple of games a year between us in this period.

We don't use any specific rules for this period, Mike tends to use his own rules for skirmish level games, Any tends to prefer other commercial rule-sets.
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