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Chiltern Miniatures

Chiltern Miniatures manufacture 28mm and 20mm metal figures for skirmish wargamers and collectors. The range of 28mm wargaming miniatures covers WWII, Modern Forces, Vietnam, Greek Gods and Roman Gods, Victorian characters and Science Fiction.

They also produce a large range of 28mm ancient wargaming figures covering Crusaders, Saracens, Vikings, Saxons, Franks, Huns, Goths, Carolingians, Late Romans, Early Byzantines and Scythians.

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Wargames Foundry

Outstanding site dedicated to Battlefront's 'Flames of War' game system. Site includes rules suppliments, scenarios, painting guides, modelling guides and a host of other information.

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Perry Miniatures

The Perry twins make wonderful figures and their website does not sell their wares short. Easy to navigate it gives an uncluttered, workmanlike view to their current range.

As you would expect there are examples of painted / finished figures to view and an interesting section giving insight to what is on their workbench at present.

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Essex Miniatures

One of our favourite manufacturers in both 25mm & 15mm, albeit that we mainly use them for their 15mm output these days, some of the clubs' older collections are of the larger Essex variety - e.g. ECW & Ancients

That said the site is pretty much an online catalogue, Essex appear to be gradually adding illustrations to their range as time permits. Online purchases appear to be through an unsecured form tha is e-mailed to the company - we wouldn't advise anyone to use this. Ring them direct and give credit card details over the phone - much safer!

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Peter Pig

Another of our favourite manufacturers, a huge range of figures that we use for ACW, Vietnam, Jacobites / SYW, SCW and WWII plus more!

Again they have a site that is basically an online catalogue, great if that is what you want. A good range of pictures and easy to navigate the site does not have any online ordering facility.

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Renegade Miniatures

A fine site outlining the compay's ranges and supporting this with a wealth of articles on historical events written by Dr. Gavin Hughes (of Wargames Illustrated fame), each article being related to an aspect of the ranges.

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