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League of Augsburg

Truely wonderful and inspirational site devoted to the gaming pastimes of Barry Hilton and the guys form Scotland.

As per any club of any standing their tastes are wide and varied - not just the League of Augsburg as their names suggest, included in the site are fine galleries of toys for everyone to drool over!

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Abingdon Wargames Club

A site with a lot of potential, lots of good pictures of their toys and news about their abnnual event - 'Overlord'. the sites details of club interests (periods & scales), current campaigns, etc.

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South London Warlords

A very glitzy site, with loads of information about their annual 'Salute' show - the larges and arguably the best in Europe.

However, from a gerenal wargames information point of view there is not that much available here.

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