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Phil's Rules

Phil is probably the club's most prolific rule writer, that said there are probably only three finished sets. And even these get revisited occasionally!

We have a set of his 'Tancs!' rules for the Spanish Civil War on the site, these are an excellent set that capture the flavour of the period well.

Phil's current project is a set of Ancient Rules that use variable unit strengths and are currently being play-tested and developed in John's Crusader Campaign.

Spanish Civil War Rules





Rupert's Rules

Rupert's rules are near legendary within the club, believed to be written on the back of an envelope, however, no one has ever seen the envelope. Rupert insists that the days of the envelope are behind him, the rules now stretch to some two sides of A4 paper!

Rupert's Envelope



Mike's Rules

Mike W has put together a couple of sets of rules, first the O'er the Sea Jacobite Rebellion rules used in a recent club campaign.

Second a set of Modern African rules to be used in a forth coming Angolan Civil War campaign, these will be posted as soon as we are finished play-testing.

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