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Welcome to Outremer! This Crusader campaign begins in March 1187 and will run until the end of September 1187. The object of the exercise is for each player to amass as much political influence as possible. This influence is measured in 'kudos' points. The player within each faction (Christian and Muslim) with the most kudos is the leader of that faction. The player with the most kudos overall is the greatest statesman of the age!

Kudos can be gained or lost during the campaign by a variety of means, some military, others not. Each player has six objectives to help them gain points, these objectives vary between players, some are mutually inclusive but do not necessarily have the same value to each player! Divulge these objectives to other player’s even allies, at your peril, as all things are not as they seem. Christians may ally to Muslims and vice versa if it helps!

At the end of each campaign month I will announce the new kudos hierarchy. We start as detailed here

Coming Soon!

Hot off the production line at Phil's Rules Factory - SAS Ancients

As the campaign kicks into gear - Updates and Rumours

Finally - pictures of games, figres and scenario notes...
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