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A defended place can be captured by the following means:

Treachery Anyone of unit commander or above is able to betray a location. In the case of regular officers, this will depend on character; mercenary officers are always loyal. If a suspicion of treachery is confirmed then there is a good chance of the traitor being successful in which case the entire garrison will be captured. This is a largely luck based probability and won't work every time!

Poor morale of Commander Some Commanders are liable to loss of nerve and this will increase if their faction’s field army has suffered a recent defeat.

Starvation Any defended locality can only hold out as long as supplies last. However, historically crusader locations were always well provisioned with food and water; very few fell by being starved into submission. Expect a long wait if you go for this option.

Surprise! A surprise attack may capture a location providing the attackers outnumber the garrison by 2:1 or more. But, be warned, you will need to be very lucky and failure could be bloody as you will have committed your forces for the duration of the attack.

Assault This means storming the place out of hand. Very rarely worked historically without softening the place up first, again liable to be bloody, win or lose! Not feasible at all against garrisoned Fortress, Castles or Towers.

Regular Siege Operations The usual historical process. Takes some time, normally between two and six weeks, if not taken by then the place is probably too tough for your resources. Muslims favoured mining supported by catapults. Christians usually went for Belfry Tower assaults and battering rams.

The capture of any enemy location may result in the recruitment of additional units of troops. These may be released prisoners of war or liberated co-religionists.
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