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Gazetteer of Campaign Sites
Fortress: Heavily fortified, virtually impregnable strong point. Krak and Safed

Castle: Well fortified strong point of traditional design. Beaufort, Kerak, Montreal and Woira

Tower: Single or multiple tower array, used as a base against raiders. Raqqa, Baal'bek, Ajlun, Nablus, Darom and SHifke

Fortified Town: Large town or city with a citadel, curtain wall and perimeter towers. Antloch, Acre, Damascus, Jerusalem, Tyre, Aleppo, Cairo, Edessa and Tripoli.

Walled Town: Usually with curtain wall and towers but no citadel. Everywhere else!

Useful Campaign Information
Anyone can order an assassination attempt! The attempt will cost 5 kudos points whether the attempt is undertaken or not. If the assassination is sanctioned by Rashid al-Din ('the old man of the mountain') then it succeeds! There is no defence against the 'fidais' who always get through.

Players who are killed off during the campaign by any means will return as a new character. Their kudos is suspended until the end of the campaign, their locations and feudal troops are given over to the faction leader as vassel property. Disputed will be dealt with by a 'court* of 'barons' appointed by the umpire in The Star' court house in the parish of Rusper every other Monday eventide during choir practice.

Players captured can be ransomed by paying kudos relevant to their position within the faction, i.e. faction leader 12 kudos, second in faction 8 kudos, other players 6 kudos, sub gens, of players 4 kudos. This is non negotiable as historically nobles where always ransomed eventually, although the process may take some time!!

Some players may have or may acquire some naval capability, Galleys can carry up to 2000 infantry, and transports can carry 500 cavalry and 1000 infantry or 3000 infantry.

Movement is by road only apart from Bedouin or Turkomans raiders who move where ever they fancy. All other move distances are approx. as listed per day:

Unit Movement
Berid couriers (Muslim pony express) 120 miles
Christian couriers (for one day only) 60 miles
Christian couriers (for one day only) 60 miles
Mounted force with baggage 15 miles
Mounted force without baggage 20 miles
Mixed force with baggage 10 miles
Mixed force without baggage 15 miles
Bedouin and Turkoman raiders 30 miles
Ships under sail 60 miles
Galleys under oar 20 miles
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