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Mainstream Wargames Press


The new boy on the block, currently available via subscription from their website. Caters to the 'Old School' waragmes buffs, that said don't worry, there's enough interest for everyone with contributions from Mike Siggins, Don Featherstone, C S Grant et al... Good to see a magazine for wargamers by wargamers for a change, we've had enough manufacturer's catalogues for a while.

Wargames Illustrated

The younger of the 'Big Two' UK magazines, now well past it's 200th issue, renowned for it's sexy wargames pictures and quality of it's articles. Edited by the Stuart McFarland.

Miniature Wargammes

The older of the 'Big Two' UK magazines, now well into it's 20th Year of publication. A huge source for wargames scenearios, uniform articles, battle reports and figure / rules reviews. Run by the indomitable Iain Dickie.

White Dwarf

Each month White Dwarf contains all the latest information about the Games Workshop world including the latest new releases of Citadel Models, in depth features on armies, painting guides, modeling tips, rules clarifications, battle reports and other essential articles for fans.
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