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Ancients is one of those Holy Cow' periods where you have been expected to play with WRG rules as long as I can remember. Well it must be said we don't do a heck of a lot of Ancient games but of late we have been dabbling a little more. I for one have been playing around with Warhammer Ancients, mostly because they encourage the use of 25mm figures and I can't see to paint anything smaller these days!

Additionally we have two other sets of rules we use, Rupert has his own set designed for fast play and very good too, secondly Phil has developed a version of Principles of War for Ancients which are again very creditable.

Warhammer Ancients





English Cvil War

We've played ECW games at the club for many years now, based on Mike Newman's vast 25mm collection (some ex-John Sears), the period is not as extensively played as it has been in the past but it has a naging popularity. For as long as can be remembered we have used 'Forlorn Hope' rules for the ECW, don't believe that there is any reason to change now!

Mind you there are a few people out there dabbling with the new-ish Warhammer ECW rules, we tried these when they were known as 1644 and didn't take to them seriously, but now there is a greater popularity there are stirings once again!

Warhammer ECW



Colonial Wars

For these periods we tend to use the popular 'Principles of War' rules, and there's a good wieght of support for these rules in the club. We initially started using them for our colonial wars outings (15mm Zulu & Madist) but have now explored their use in a number of other periods - namely Maximillian. Guess that there either Love 'em or Hate 'em type rules.

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