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S.A.S. Ancient Rules   Download (512Kb)
We at SAS had played with the PoW (Principles of War) rules, covering the 19th Century for many years, liking the combat, morale systems, and unit strength systems, and how they inter-related. We were once keen ‘Ancients’ players (WRG 6th edition mostly), but found later WRG products lacking in the traditional feel and playability. We briefly tried Shieldbearer, which we liked until the Author changed them, due to pressure from gamers who liked the current WRG. After that we abandoned ‘Ancients’ until recently. Looking for rules for a Crusader campaign, and looking for a mechanism that represented the punch of knights charging, the strength multiplier factor for lancers in PoW the melee system, looked ideal, so we nicked it, plus the core of the rules. Added troop types and basing from WRG DBM, and played a dozen trial games. The rules have evolved a lot, mostly along the lines of clarifications, but also allowing for special tactics by certain armies. The core however has remained the same, which we think is the sign of a good set of rules ( obvious really as they work well in PoW).
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