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Cross Fire
Cross Fire Rules We've run a number WWII games and a couple of campaigns using the great 'Crossfire' rules. These are pretty revolutionary in that there are no fixed turn lengths nor ranges, it does however include all players in the action at all times and eliminates dull look-ups on firepower vs armour charts that seems to bug most other rules sets. We hope to bring you details of the campaign as it progresses with Scenarios, Battle Reports, Orders of Battle etc.

After playing a number of Crosfire games we've found that they are great for small infantry based battles, however, for larger battalion sized games where vehicles come into play the best set around (up until recently) was 'Rapid Fire' .
Rapid Fire
RapidFire! Rules Don't get me wrong we still use Crossfire' but for games but they are weak in how they deal with tanks and other vehicles, for such games we much prefer 'Rapid Fire'. By the way these rules are simple to use and do not require players to learn sheets of boring stats about guns, armour and vehicle speeds etc...

We haven't tried out the Rapid Fire v2 rules yet, we have them on order, so as soon as we get some play testing in we'll let you know!

BlitzKrieg Commander
BllitzKrieg Commander Rules Lately we have been experimenting with a new set of rules, 'Blitzkrieg Commander'(BKC). The attraction of this set is that the game plays very smoothly and focuses on command and cntrol rather than the data crunching aspects of earier WWII rule sets.

Particularly liked is the 'Warmaster' like approach to commander orders, allowing better commanders to issue more orders and boost performance of specific units at the cost to others on his side. We use this mechanism in a number of the games we run in other periods at the club.

Whilst we like Rapid Fire we have come to feel that the actions are too bloody, the game is kept short and manageable by having very decisive firefights. BKC on the oter hand probably generates less casualties than RF and CF but allows players to concentrate on fire and movement. Anyway we're playtesting these and hope that they work out OK.
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