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At the Waterloo Monument, from left to right, Andy, John, Rupert, Phil & Mike N.
Belgium, October 2004
The club travelled to Belgium to visit the sites of WWII's Ardennes offensive in the east of the country, we even managed to invade Germany for a while, stopping for a brew at the side of the road. On the first day we had stopped at Waterloo, before heading on to Stavelot which was to be our base for the next three nights. Toured the area, visiting key sites of interest, including Bastogne. Travelling home to blighty we stopped off at Ypres, took in the sites of the town and visited the Mennin Gate to pay respects to our WWI Tommies.

Cavalier, Tonbridge Wells, Feb 2004 Cavalier Link
The day out to Tonbridge has come around again. The club is keen to get there to lay hands on napoleonics inspired by our recent campaigning. Other areas of interest are WWII and Jacobite figures. As usual we de-canted for lunch.

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